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Associated Press false information via CBS

AP story by Thomas Beaumont remains on domain despite obvious, glaring error of United States history

| By Greg Fisher

This is false information: "In Kentucky, where it appeared Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, 72, might be vulnerable after three decades in Washington, his campaign opened up a lead after blitzing his tea party opponent, Matt Bevin, with ads citing his 2008 remarks praising the federal Wall Street bailout."

Beaumont, T. (2014, March 9). Tea Party Challengers Struggle To Continue Success. Retrieved May 10, 2016, from
No name in byline.

That article, written by Thomas Beaumont of the Associated Press, is false because United States Senator Mitch McConnell was not Majority Leader until 2015. An official record of the U.S. Senate indicates that fact; it is a matter of fundamental American history.

The same error was republished in the domains, and It was documented in last year.

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